The complete guide to locating, negotiating, and buying real estate foreclosures


作者:by Frankie Orlando


出版社:Atlantic Publishing Group Inc.

出版地:Ocala FL


ISBN:978-1-60138-463-8 ; 1-60138-463-7

In every hour of each day, savvy real estate investors are accumulating vast fortunes buying foreclosed homes at bank foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, and foreclosure auctions. Recent research indicates that more than 1 percent of ALL residential property in the United States today is already in; or facing foreclosure soon.. In April 2006 RealtyTracTM, the leading online marketplace for foreclosure properties, released its 2006 Q1 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report, which showed that 323,102 properties nationwide entered some stage of foreclosure in the first quarter of 2006, a 38 percent increase from the previous quarter and a 72 percent year-over-year increase from the first quarter of 2005. The nation s quarterly foreclosure rate of one new foreclosure for every 358 U.S. households was higher than in any quarter of last year. There is an estimated 1 million plus homes being foreclosed on. Armed with the right knowledge and tactics, opportunities for buying low-cost real estate foreclosures are plentiful. There are a lot of things you need to know before you get started. You need to understand how the foreclosure process works, what the borrower is going through, and the lenders role. You will be taught everything you need to know to locate and purchase real estate bargains from banks, public auctions, and other sources. Whether you are a first-time homeowner or an experienced property investor, this is a tremendous guide for buying pre-foreclosed homes in any market. You will learn the simple formula (developed from real-life experience) that can build massive wealth through real estate foreclosures. You will learn how to: negotiate with homeowners in distress, prepare contracts and paperwork, determine the true market value of the property, creative techniques to finance properties, learn how to flip the property, locate one-of-a-kind properties, negotiate with sellers, research, auctions, estimate repair costs, eliminate, obtain REO, use online resources, look up owners contact information, communicate with property owners, write ads, how to receive pre-foreclosure information, options, and more. This brand new book is the resource for novices and pros alike; it will guide you through every step of the process including finding properties, negotiating, and closing on your first deal. This new exhaustively researched book will arm you with hundreds of innovative ideas that you can put to use right away. This book gives you the proven strategies, innovative ideas, and case studies from experts to help you get more with less time and effort.

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