501+ great interview questions for employers and the best answers for prospective employees


作者:by Dianna Podmoroff


出版社:Atlantic Publishing Group Inc.

出版地:Ocala FL


ISBN:978-1-60138-067-8 ; 1-60138-067-4

For anyone who hires employees this is a must have book. It is also essential for anyone searching for a new job or going on a job interview. This new book contains a wide variety of carefully worded questions that will help make the employee search easier. These questions can help you determine a candidate's personality type, the type of work he or she is best suited for, and if the person will mesh with your existing employees and workplace.
Interviewing potential employees is one of the most difficult and intimidating tasks a manager or business owner will ever face. The task is made even more daunting by the fact that repercussions of a poor hiring decision can haunt the employees, management and the company for a long time to come, and can potentially cost a great deal of money. Discovering how to decrease the risk and maximize the predictive ability of interviews is key to successful hiring.
The person who gives all the 'right' answers often gets the job, but if there is no consideration given to what the right answers for your organization are, then a savvy, well-coached interviewee may be chosen over a less polished but more appropriate one. What this book is designed to do is help you determine the best questions to ask and determine the best answers. Not the best answers from a candidate's standpoint (their motivation is simply to get the job), but the best answers for you; satisfying your motivation to hire the person with the best fit, period.

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