How to open & operate a financially successful photography business


作者:by Bryan Rose


出版社:Atlantic Publishing Group Inc

出版地:Ocala FL


ISBN:978-1-60138-676-2 ; 1-60138-676-1

Anyone, anywhere can open a successful photography business thanks to the digital camera revolution. With the right camera, equipment, skill, and business know-how, you can join the ranks of the pros earning more than $60,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you have a keen eye, imaginative thoughts, and the essential technical skills, then professional photography could be right up your alley.
How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Photography Business is a comprehensive and detailed study of the business side of establishing and running a photography business. You will learn to develop your niche of photography, whether you want to take pictures of models or babies. This book will show you how to become an expert in media planning, pricing, and public relations so you can market your photography services in no time.
This comprehensive guide teaches you the best ways to save time and money so that you can focus on satisfying customers and building sales. You will learn about copyrights, sales tax, cost control systems, stock photo outlets, and building a Web site. Filled with expert advice from editing photos to low-cost marketing techniques, this book helps you go from the casual shutterbug to the professional photographer. The Companion CD-ROM is not available for download with this electronic version of the book but it may be obtained separately by contacting Atlantic Publishing Group at

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  • Preface(p.navPoint-7)
  • Introduction(p.navPoint-8)
  • Chapter 1: The Life of a Photographer(p.navPoint-9)
  • Chapter 2: Why Start a Photography Business?(p.navPoint-10)
  • Chapter 3: Writing a Business Plan(p.navPoint-11)
  • Chapter 4: Determining Start-Up Equipment and Costs(p.navPoint-12)
  • Chapter 5: Building Your Vision — and Your Business(p.navPoint-13)
  • Chapter 6: Setting Up Your Business(p.navPoint-14)
  • Chapter 7: Getting Started in Marketing(p.navPoint-15)
  • Chapter 8: Putting a Marketing Plan into Effect(p.navPoint-16)
  • Chapter 9: Methods to Include in Your Marketing Plan(p.navPoint-17)
  • Chapter 10: Setting Your Rates(p.navPoint-18)
  • Chapter 11: Running Your Business(p.navPoint-19)
  • Chapter 12: Growing Your Business(p.navPoint-20)
  • Chapter 13: Putting Your Business to Work for You(p.navPoint-21)
  • Chapter 14: Photography and the Law(p.navPoint-22)
  • Chapter 15: Your Photography Business(p.navPoint-23)
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