The scholarship & financial aid solution


作者:by Debra Lipphardt


出版社:Atlantic Publishing Group Inc

出版地:Ocala FL


ISBN:978-1-60138-481-2 ; 1-60138-481-5

'Debbie Lipphardt's passion and irrepressible enthusiasm for educating students and assisting them in their educational pursuits has led to the creation of this resource for parents and students. Mrs. Lipphardt has a wealth of knowledge about scholarships that has assisted students in receiving millions of dollars in financial aid. She has a knack for utilizing resources and simplifying what can be an overwhelming and complex process. The information in this book is practical and applicable to every family planning for a postsecondary education.'
Paige Zadnik Student Activities Director Vanguard High School
'Mrs. Lipphardt's passion for students, scholarships, and helping others is remarkable. Through this book every student can benefit from Mrs. Lipphardt's extensive knowledge and advice. I am so pleased that Mrs. Lipphardt's vast knowledge will now reach many students and assist thousands of other prospective college students in earning financial support toward their education and make going to college a reality.'
Danielle Borth Vanguard High School Graduate Class of 2007
'This book will allow others to witness the invaluable experience, wisdom, and sincerity Mrs. Lipphardt possesses in ensuring students are financially prepared for achieving their dreams.'
Donald Garner Vanguard High School Class of 2001 Graduate Student, Florida State University

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