Changing women’s lives:a biography of Dame Rosemary Murray


作者:by Alison Wilson


出版社:Andrews UK Limited

出版地:[Luton, England]


ISBN:978-1-910065-34-1 ; 1-910065-34-X

Rosemary Murray (1913-2004) was the eldest of six children in a happy, talented and energetic family whose deeply-engrained attitude of service to the community she inherited. She studied chemistry at Oxford, becoming one of the first women at LMH to achieve aDPhil. in science, and began an academic career as alecturer at Royal Holloway College. The charmed world of Rosemary's childhood and student days vanished abruptly with the outbreak of war. Enlisting in the WRNS as a rating, she served from 1942-46, attaining the rank of Chief Officer. Post-war she was head-hunted by Cambridge University as Demonstrator in Chemistry combined with a Lectureship at Girton College.

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