Custom broken for good


作者:by Mohammed Awal


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

出版地:Houston, TX


ISBN:978-1-63135-601-8 ; 1-63135-601-1

This novel lays bare the customs and conditions most young girls face in traditional African society south of the Sahara, while in transition from adolescence to womanhood. The priority of parents is for marriage, which produces pressure on both mother and daughter.

In this story, Amina, the mother of Sadia, faces the odds of traditional settings to meet the expected standard in marriage.

Dankantata is the rebellious suitor to Sadia, and against wisdom and logic, is a hard-core traditionalist. He will not bow down for a minute against his ego, even when it is in his own self-interest to comply with the wishes of his fiancée. The situation eventually leads him to court, with the ensuing case exposing the existing traditions represented by the Imams, clerics, and priests, as well as the cultural norms and state laws.

The debate is well crafted and so interesting that it draws in readers with its depiction of marriage in another culture.

Born in Ghana, Mohammed Awal was trained as a paralegal by the International Federation of Women Lawyers. He became a Kumasi metropolitan authority member and advocate for women and children's rights. “I became exposed to adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights education through various seminars and workshops. It was here I developed the idea of this book. I graduated in project management and magazine writing at McGill University in June 2013, adding flair to my writing career, as well as my contribution on talk shows with Zango FM, a radio station based in the USA targeting Ghanaian listeners worldwide.”

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