This gift called me:Wings for one’s spirit


作者:by Vincent Alvin Quarterman


出版社:Andrews UK Limited



ISBN:978-1-63135-309-3 ; 1-63135-309-8

This Gift Called Me: Wings for One’s Spirit is a compilation of inspirational pieces that are intended to uplift and enlighten readers with the realization that they are greatly blessed as individuals. It is the author’s firm belief that greatness resides in all of us. By learning to slowly unleash the enormous potential of their spiritual wings the readers can then soar to greater heights within themselves by taking a good long look at who God truly created them to be.
This insightful guidebook for the spirit was inspired by the daily need for God in our lives. The author believes there is a buried treasure chest hidden within us all consisting of our God-given gifts and talents. The author strongly expresses in this book that by sharing our wealth of supernatural endowments with the waiting world outside, we can and will fulfill God’s intended purpose for our lives.

Vincent Alvin Quarterman comes from a large family of nine children (five boys and four girls), which he feels fuels his love of life and caring for mankind. He grew up with two loving parents in Neptune, New Jersey without a lot of money, but with immense spiritual riches. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and is currently working toward a Doctoral Degree in Marketing Management. Apart from his writing and his studies, the author enjoys photographing nature scenes, people, or anything that’s unique and interesting. This Gift Called Me: Wings for One’s Spirit is his first book.

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  • Dedication(p.navpoint-4)
  • Acknowledgements(p.navpoint-5)
  • Introduction(p.navpoint-6)
  • Contents(p.navpoint-7)
  • This Gift Called Me(p.navpoint-8)
  • Wings(p.navpoint-9)
  • Heart of Hearts(p.navpoint-10)
  • Responsibility(p.navpoint-11)
  • Inner Mirror (A Deeper Look)(p.navpoint-12)
  • Destructive Voice(p.navpoint-13)
  • Waiting To Be Born(p.navpoint-14)
  • Encouragement Factor(p.navpoint-15)
  • Darkness of Prisons Past(p.navpoint-16)
  • Patience and Reward(p.navpoint-17)
  • First Sun(p.navpoint-18)
  • To Whom Does the Sky Belong? (Thought One)(p.navpoint-19)
  • To Whom Does the Sky Belong? (Thought Two)(p.navpoint-20)
  • Without God(p.navpoint-21)
  • This Day: This Gift(p.navpoint-22)
  • Bridge Builder(p.navpoint-23)
  • Puzzle Pieces(p.navpoint-24)
  • Gentle Breezes(p.navpoint-25)
  • Drink of Life(p.navpoint-26)
  • A Time to Be Cute(p.navpoint-27)
  • Of You I Dreamt (One Night)(p.navpoint-28)
  • Let’s Just Face the Fact(p.navpoint-29)
  • A Walk on the Boardwalk(p.navpoint-30)
  • So You Think You Are Perfect(p.navpoint-31)
  • Failure (To Inspire)(p.navpoint-32)
  • Poison of the Enemy(p.navpoint-33)
  • Dead on The Inside (By Dee Phillips)(p.navpoint-34)
  • Spirit Stalker(p.navpoint-35)
  • Encapsulation of Fear(p.navpoint-36)
  • This Giant Inside Our Hearts(p.navpoint-37)
  • Snow(p.navpoint-38)
  • Silently Missed(p.navpoint-39)
  • Mom(p.navpoint-40)
  • Rain(p.navpoint-41)
  • Beasts of Burden(p.navpoint-42)
  • Moon Walking . . . On the Moon(p.navpoint-43)
  • Ignorance: The Ugly Unproductive Side(p.navpoint-44)
  • Fill My World(p.navpoint-45)
  • @ This Point of My Journey!(p.navpoint-46)