Visual Culture in Shanghai:1850s-1930s


作者:by Jason C. Kuo


出版社:New Academia Publishing

出版地:Washington, DC


ISBN:978-0-9787713-5-5 ; 0-9787713-5-4

Along with rapid development in the economy, particularly in port cities, the patronage of art changed greatly during the Qing dynasty. Especially in Shanghai, as it was transformed into a new modern metropolis and the hub of southern China’s cultural and artistic activities, art patronage of a new kind emerged from a new class of art buyers, and was associated with a dramatic increase in the number of painting and fan shops, the emergence of new types of artists’ associations, and the establishment of a thriving market for contemporary art. These features, which appeared in the context of a rapidly commercializing society, resulted directly in changes of subject matter and style in Shanghai painting of the period.

  • List of Illustrations(p.ix)
  • Acknowledgments(p.xv)
  • Introduction Jason C. Kuo(p.1)
  • 1. Patronage and the Beginning of a Modern Art World in Late Qing Shanghai Kuiyi Shen(p.13)
  • 2. Uncommon Themes and Uncommon Subject Matters in Ren Xiong’s Album after Poems by Yao Xie Britta Erickson(p.29)
  • 3. Deliberate Looks: Ren Bonian’s 1888 Album of Women Roberta Wue(p.55)
  • 4. The Traditionalist Response to Modernity: The Chinese Painting Society of Shanghai Julia F. Andrews and Kuiyi Shen(p.79)
  • 5. Notes on Chinese Photography and Advertising in Late Nineteenth-Century Shanghai Jonathan Hay(p.95)
  • 6. Artwork, Commodity, Event: Representations of the Female Body in Modern Chinese Pictorials Yingjin Zhang(p.121)
  • 7. The Bare Truth: Nudes, Sex, and the Modernization Project in Shanghai Pictorials Carrie Waara(p.163)
  • 8. Shanghai Women of 1939: Visuality and the Limits of Feminine Modernity Shu-mei Shih(p.205)
  • 9. Art Deco and Modernist Art in Chinese Calendar Posters Ellen Johnston Laing(p.241)
  • 10. The Park Hotel in Shanghai: A Metaphor for 1930s China Lenore Hietkamp(p.279)
  • Afterword. The Shanghai Gaze: Visual Culture and Images of Modernity Wen-hsin Yeh(p.333)
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